Club Statement


In light of all the recent weather storms we have had and still receiving, we felt it necessary to provide everyone associated with the club an update as to where we are and our future plans.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support and understanding as we overcome Mother Nature.

Here at GFA we have constantly been in contact with Loughton Town Council, Davenant High School and the Echo Junior League about the conditions and how we can essentially try and minimise the disruption we have been having. We appreciate it has been a frustrating period for all parents and kids not playing and we wanted to stress that GFA always try to keep all of our sessions on.

All decisions made in regards to cancellations of Sunday Games or Saturday Sessions are made by either Loughton Town Council, Davenant High School or by the Echo Junior League itself enforcing a blanket ban. Also, away matched are out of our control, if games get cancelled those clubs are the ones making the decision. Cancelations are beyond our control and very frustrating as we have a team of very dedicated coaches who are always willing to deliver a session/match to all kids come rain or shine.

At GFA we have successfully delivered 27 out of 29 sessions over the last 3 terms which is fantastic considering the weather complications but that’s not good enough for us as each year our aim is to deliver 100% of our sessions. As mentioned, this proves difficult when Mother Nature plays its part and fields are deemed unplayable or out of bounds.

The one thing we wanted to make everyone aware of is when do receive any cancellation notifications we then try and seek an alternative venue to host the academy. Unfortunately, this has proven a little more challenging as all clubs in the region are in the same boat, but that does not stop us trying.


Going forward the club committee have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to take the club to the next level and improve our facilities, not just for during the winter months, but across the whole season.

Discussions are underway with potential future investors and land/grounds owners in regards to securing a new permanent long-term home ground for GFA with a club house, pitches, grants from the Football Foundation for 4G pitches and generally improved facilities.

This is very exciting times for all of us connected to the club and we will endeavour to provide a further update in the coming weeks/months

Again we thank you all for your patience and your continued support as we ride these storms out.