Player Development

GFA Club Philosophy

“Together We Grow” is our club motto and symbolises everything we are about as a club. 

There is no one individual more important than another. 

We all develop by helping each other and this is the greatest lesson we can implement as individuals, as a club and as a community. 

Our players & teams’ development is all derived from players, coaches, parents and friends in the community all pulling together in the same direction. Likewise parents, coaches and community friends also grow alongside our players & teams “Together We Grow”.

GFA Football Philosophy

Ball retention (possession) is the foundation of our football philosophy for both the individual player and the team. Both are as important as players learn to keep the ball as individuals, the team can also keep possession of the ball. 

“The Player” We focus on technique, decision making and personality.

“The Team” We use‘The 6P’s of Football’ for our players and teams:

  1. Passing
  2. Pressing
  3. Patience
  4. Possession
  5. Penetration
  6. Positioning

Most importantly we give the freedom to our children to express themselves, make their own decisions no matter how many mistakes they may make and allow their individual personalities to shine. All in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

“The Player”

  1. Players must listen and respect their coaches at all times
  2. Our coaches aim to promote an environment which allows players to:
    • enjoy the game of football • develop individual skill and technique
    • be part of a team
  3. We coach our players to learn to play in every position on the pitch as we want them to develop into great ‘all-round footballers’
  4. Our coaches aim to enhance players football knowledge and understanding of the game so they can adapt to different situations on the pitch
  5. When playing in a certain position during training or on match-day, players must accept the role and show 100% commitment, our coaches aim to rotate players regularly during the season

“The Team”

  1. Win, lose or draw it doesn’t matter! We want our players to play football with fun, focus and freedom….without the pressure of needing or having to win. Of course we set them up to go for a positive result but it’s not the be all and end all.
  2. Winning games is great, but losing will also help improve players because in life nobody wins all the time and players need to learn how to ‘win’ and ‘lose’ games:
    • in a respectful manner
    • to learn from their mistakes
    • to prepare for their next challenge
  3. Blaming team mates if they make a mistake is not accepted, it’s a team game and everyone makes mistakes
  4. Teams will learn to:
    • encourage their team mates in a positive way
    • help each other to improve by offering good advice
    • stick together “Together We Grow”
  5. Our coaches will not tolerate players who talk back in a disrespectful way, dive, cheat or pretend to be injured, however our coaches will act as educators to explain to children why this is wrong